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Enterprise Architecture & Application Development
Millennium’s mission is to help our clients achieve an agile and sound enterprise architecture enabling them to control and steer their architecture in a direction to achieve maximum return on investments.  There are several enterprise-architecture methodologies. For many companies, none of these methodologies provide a complete solution. We implement the best practices from every methodology and provide our clients a solution to best fit their need.

Our Enterprise Architecture solutions provide
Evaluation of technology trends and determines feasibility of it’s implementation to improve our client’s architecture needs
Solutions that fit into and enhance our clients current architecture
Solutions that match smaller budgets and limited resources in wake of the present economy
Solutions that improve our client's ability to respond to current, and future, market conditions in a timely and cost-effective manner

Benefits include
Improved communication between our client’s senior business stakeholders and senior IT professionals
Maximize our client’s return on investment
Reduces our client’s IT cost and complexity, while increasing business value and effectiveness

Application Development
Software development and integration are central to most software projects. Millennium’s software development capabilities range from inception to design and development to maintenance. We enhance our client's business by successfully designing and developing cost-effective, sustainable, and scalable solutions. We also provide support to the end users of the software.
Millennium offers a complete line of object-oriented development services and Windows-centric technologies, including project management, development, testing, and software support.

The Onshore - Offshore Model

Millennium’s onshore - offshore development model focuses on defining, optimizing, and aligning our client's business strategy with its IT initiatives. The model ensures continuous project development and maintenance. Our state-of-the-art communication systems enable our offshore Development center to fulfill the needs of large scale-projects. Millennium's well-defined project management guarantees effective delivery of software projects across various geographies.


Our model typically consists of a small number of IT professionals based at the client’s location, who constantly analyze technical and business requirements. They track changes to the specifications and requirements during project implementation, assist in installing the system at the client’s site, and provide training to ensure the system’s continuous operation.

A large portion of development work is undertaken at our centers in India, which are equipped with facilities for resistance-free global communication. This model ensures minimizing the cost of development by focusing on the core requirements of the client. Millennium delivers cutting edge technology solutions that synchronize with our client’s business requirements. We guarantee to safeguard the client's intellectual property development specifications with high levels of security.

We also establish dedicated resources and facilities for a project at the client’s location. This allows clients to use our resources without investing in additional facilities, further providing an attractive cost incentive.

The Millennium Offer
Expertise in onshore/offshore project development and project management
Retention of knowledge - business and processes
24 hour development activity to take advantage of international time zones
Domain, functional, and technology expertise
Quick start-up capability for new requirements/projects
Integration with client's practices and methodologies
Long term support for legacy applications
Experiments with new/emerging technologies at lower risks/costs
Integrated planning for infrastructure, staffing and work content allows client to focus greater energy on core business by taking away the burden of recruitment, training, and retaining of personnel

Incremental Iterative Development Process
The incremental and iterative process of software development slices the deliverable business value (system functionality) into iterations. In each iteration, a slice of functionality is delivered through cross-discipline work, starting from the model/requirements through to the testing/deployment.

The various phases of iterative process are:
Initial Planning
Requirements (90% analysis, 10% design)
Analysis & Design (30% analysis, 50% design, 20% coding)
Implementation (10% analysis, 30% design, 70% coding)
Testing (10% design, 50% coding, 40% testing and bug fixing)
Deployment (50% testing and bug fixing, 30% integration, 20% deployment)

Traditional Waterfall Development Process
In waterfall model, development process progresses through various phases. Each phase ends with a defined and documented output. Once a phase is completed, the process flows to the next phase.
The various phases of waterfall model following by us are:
Requirement Specification (outcome: Functional Specification Document)
Design (outcome: System Design Document)
Implementation(outcome: software code)
Testing and Debugging (outcome: test cases and working product)
Delivery (outcome: Delivery Document)
Client Advantages
On Time Budget Deliveries
Millennium has a proven track record in offshore development with over 20 clients across four continents. Millennium delivers projects on time and on budget.

Shortened Lead Times for Project Start-Up
The client can leverage on the ready infrastructure provided by our Offshore Development Center to jump-start its projects. This substantially shortens lead times for project start-up

Significant Cost
AdvantageOur Offshore Development Model typically provides cost savings of 50-60%, as compared to an in-house execution.

Leverage Strong Project Management Expertise
Millennium brings strong Project Management expertise led by a highly experienced team of project managers.Leverage Highest Quality Standards and High Quality Software ProcessesMillennium has quality processes operating at the highest possible software development quality standards. This ensures minimum error rate and rework.

Access to a diversified pool of Skilled Professionals and Dedicated Software Teams with Long-Term Focus
The client has direct access to a pool of software engineers with diverse programming skill sets and expertise. The developers work under project managers, who report directly to our Director of Technology and Business Solutions.

Shortened Development Cycles
Work happens on a 24-hour basis due to a 12-hour time zone difference between India and the US. Today’s problem has a solution before tomorrow morning.

The Location
AdvantageThe Millennium Offshore Development Centers offer you the ability to leverage India’s high-quality software engineering talent at lower than normal costs.


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