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Outsourcing Services
Millennium is a forerunner in product development outsourcing and is focused on enabling software companies to create and deploy innovative products for the next generation of end users.

   Millennium provides full-spectrum software product development services in the areas of
   Product conceptualization    Product development    Product implementation
   Product re-engineering    Product migration    Product maintenance
   Product support    Product testing    Product documentation

Leveraging on our proven software development process, our services include new product development, QA, software testing, product maintenance and support. Our processes and systems are geared to produce products with faster time-to-market and reduced engineering costs, and to save valuable management time. Saving management time allows our clients to direct their attention towards vital activities of product management, differentiation and marketing. Our compliance with ISO 9001:2000 further underpins our commitment to quality, and ensures the product’s functionality, security and performance characteristics that comply with international standards.

Building on the experience gained by our product development capabilities, we have put together specialized services for companies that need help in their software product lifecycle. We deliver products by using the same processes, tools, talented engineers, work culture and spirit of innovation that we used in building our own products. With our offshore projects, our customers benefit from a cost savings of about 70%, shorter development and testing cycles, sharp products featuring definite integration and interoperability with other technologies, not to mention value addition to their organizations and customers.

In today’s dynamic software market, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) view outsourcing product development as a non-core activity. Millennium’s engagement in core product development activities allows them to respond to market dynamics successfully. Our services also empower ISVs to retain greater control over the architecture, design, coding and database standards, as well as conventions, licensing controls and software delivery models. Partnering with Millennium enables ISVs to leverage a strong value proposition, low time to market, reduced development costs, and quality manpower.

The Millennium Outsourced Product Development Advantage
Reduces time-to-market
Reduces cost of production as a result of perfect requirement gathering methodology
Works as extended development centers for ISV’s
Fulfill needs of dynamic business requirements
Flexible onsite + offshore product development teams that maximize client ROI
Cost Savings on product development life cycle from 30%, and up to 60% for product maintenance
Immediate access to R&D talent

Project Management
We ensure that our clients manage their IT projects efficiently and effectively. Process checks are done to ensure that the projects don’t lose focus and all compliance goals are met. We provide guidance to our clients on IT risk management and recovery.

Our services include
Assistance with IT program and project management
Operation of program management office
Independent and objective assessment of project status and risks
IT Project Recovery
IT Project Evaluation
IT Project Selection advice
Training in project management organization and skills

Benefits include
Significant reduction in the failure rate of large IT projects
Controlled, measurable realization of IT benefits
Significant improvements in project performance
Timely and cheaper IT solutions


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