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Our newest breakthrough product, Linked2™ integrates the two most popular organizational platforms-Adobe Framemaker and Documentum CMS. Without Linked2™, these two applications operate independently and require exhaustive manual coordination. With Linked2 , these applications work seamlessly together to save time and money for content management and reuse. Together, Adobe Framemaker and Documentum provide everything that an enterprise organization needs to create, share, reuse and deliver XML content, in any DITA formats, for any destination.

An easy to use plugin for FrameMaker, can adopt with no or minimal training.
Provide EMC Documentum content services like security, version control,content life-cycles, workflows, categorizations.
Advanced search capability to find what you need from a intuitive search view.
Create DITA XML content with unparallel speed and ease while working with the market-leading enterprise content management system.
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Geo-Sense is an enterprise GIS solution. It is an web based geographic information system. It is designed to help management and decision makers to geographically visualize various data related to their operations/branches across the glob.

Data highlighting - supports highlighting multiple data types such as numeric, text and boolean.
Provide dynamic map with zoom and slide feature.
Click-to-zoom feature provides detailed data about the selected marker on the map.
Easy data upload - data can be uploaded using excel files. Geo-sense supports 'n' number of columns in the excel file.
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Electronic Interactive Solution
Sustainability is defined as the power to endure. It’s the nature’s way of conserving and preserving ecosystems on earth. Sustainability is not aimed at preserving any single resource in the ecosystem; however, its objective is to protect our ecosystem as a whole which includes several natural resources. Trees play a key role in our ecosystem and its destruction will lead to the extinction of life on earth; a phenomenon often spoken lately.

Reduce Operating Cost by adopting a dedicated server solution for all e-communication, improvised resource utilization and process improvements.
Cost savings through reduced paper consumption, printer savings and reduced postal mail delivery costs Interactive Bills for quicker client response.
Increase electronic communication adoption rates using state-of-the art technology and enhanced customer experience.
Quick and easy to register businesses and products and start interacting with the client systems.
Reports to reflect communication sent.
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ATTEST is an innovative product from Millennium, designed to empower data for analysis and mining. It helps users create their own set of routines to generate the test for further execution in order to provide a set of valuable information. ATTEST provides the user a sophisticated method of AUTOMATIC TEST GENERATION capability that ensures data is analyzed with respect to the users' choice of independent routine creations. ATTEST is developed with high-end Microsoft development methodology and process which makes it a unique tool in its class for powerful interpretation for data analysis.

Automatic creation of routines for analysis of data.
User can customize routines for test generation.
Auto-mapping of fields in the test generation.
Summarize, understand results, view relationships and find pattern.
Identify useful groups of data and pull out the exact information you want.
Examine different views of your data using a exploratory interface.
Create reports without any knowledge of SQL.
Prepare an output to be presented or export to other applications.
Analyze data in different angles for correct interpretation.
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