26 oct

5 Words that Describe Customer Engagement of the Future

Customer engagement has irrevocably moved towards digital transformation post the beginning of 2020. The Annual Digital Trends report 2020 by Econsultancy and Adobe state customer experience as the single most exciting opportunity. To participate in this transformation, businesses have used different technologies. The question is what will best describe the customer engagement of the future.

Following are some of the new words we think would be used to describe best customer engagement:


Right from serving the customer needs to enabling word-of-mouth spread, omnipresence has become more than ever. It allows businesses to communicate with their customers on audio, video, chat, telephone, and all the other modes of transport.

A study of an e-commerce firm shows that omnipresence increases customer satisfaction score to 91% with omnichannel adoption.

‘Humanized’ Digital or Phygital

A large number of people are concerned about managing their finances. They are looking for solutions from their home, increasing the number of service requests. During this time, having a humanized digital or phygial experience is what they are looking for to inform, assist and aid them in their journeys.


Consumers globally have always demanded to be identified as unique or special. 54% of customers expect that the companies should adapt based on their actions or behaviors. Hence, hyper-personalization is very significant. The future of customer engagement demands delivering personalization at scale.


While omnichannel presence has been discussed widely, its seamlessness has been reinforced in 2020. Consumers globally are looking to stop and resume their journey on their preferred channel. In doing so a seamless experience becomes crucial.

Transparent & secure

Cybersecurity has always been important but as only 25% of customers feel that their data is handled appropriately. So, developing secured connections remains a priority for business even today. It is considered to gain moment and become an important part of the future of customer acquisition.

Consumers have shown willingness to pay for great customer experience. According to research by PwC and again by Salesforce more than 50% of people are willing to pay more for a great experience. Can you describe your customer engagement using these words?

If yes, then you are great. If no, check out how a Unified Customer Engagement Platform can help in our next blog we will be covering the banking sector.